Flying to LA? Why Hiring A Driver Makes a Difference

Airport traffic can be hectic. Whether you’re flying from international airports like LAX or smaller airports like Burbank or Ontario, navigating traffic can certainly cause its share of delays and even change your travel plans. 

Hiring a chauffeur service like URide is one of the best ways to reduce travel anxiety and truly enjoy your trip. Here’s some of the reasons why hiring a driver makes such a difference when flying to LA or anywhere in SoCal. 

Avoid Delays 

LAX is one of the busiest airports in the US. It offers hundreds of flights a day to several destinations around the world, typically serving millions of people per year. 

LAX is popular because it’s close to LA’s greatest attractions — like Disneyland, the Staples Center, famous art galleries, and much more. But getting there or leaving can be a pain if you’re driving yourself around and get stuck in miles of traffic.

Whether you’re flying in or out of LA, URide prides itself on getting you there with little to no delays. Our drivers know their way around LAX and can get to your terminal within minutes of your arrival. 

Ensure a Safer Trip

Getting around a large city like LA is always better if you’re with someone who knows which roads to take and the best ways to get to your destination. 

URide drivers are always professional, knowledgeable, and prompt. We ensure all of our vehicles are maintained for optimum safety as we transport you anywhere you need, making sure you get to your destination as safely as possible. 

Receive Help and Extra Perks

Instead of having to take care of everything yourself, our URide drivers are happy to help with any accommodations as you leave or arrive on your flight. 

URide can guide you through airport pick up, baggage claims, or anything else you need to ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. We will help carry pet carriers, wheelchairs, and even provide a stroller or car seat if needed. 

Ride in Comfort and Style

URide’s fleet of vehicles are stylish, spacious, and comfortable. Vehicles are available for both large groups and small, with plenty of space for your luggage. 

Our vehicles are always kept clean and kept to the latest safety standards to ensure a comfortable, easy ride to and from the airport. 

Hiring a driver for airport pickup and drop-off is a great way to manage the stress of traveling. URide’s airport shuttle service takes away the hassle of having to figure out traffic or getting to a destination with no delays.

Book your ride today by giving us a call at (424) 216-8422 or online at 

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