Why hire a driver?

There are choices when it comes to travel transportation. From car rentals, to group tours to hiring a private driver. With all of these choices, there are pros and cons to each one.

Renting a car, allows for complete and total freedom to do whatever you want to do and when. For some, this is the perfect way to see the world. They love getting behind the wheel, navigating unfamiliar territory and, well, the adventure of it. It can really be a lot of fun for those who seek out this kind of experience. But there are some tricky things involved in this choice, especially in the vastness of Southern California. Car rental companies often figure out a way to claim that you have gone over the mileage allowance (taking away from the freedom aspect) or blaming you for damage that was already there. 

Group tours help you avoid this, providing a driver taking you where you need to go. With a reputable companies, you know that there is a seasoned professional involved and that you don’t have to worry about getting to your destination. However, with a group the freedom goes out the window. You are at the mercy of the itinerary, their vehicles, their way of touring. Usually, there is  little to no room for changes or spontaneity. You watch as the bus goes rushing past beautiful photo opportunities that you can’t take advantage of . Using the restroom becomes a task, as well as finding a great spot to eat when you are hungry. You can’t just take care of these personal needs whenever you wish to — you must wait until the designated stopping points are reached.  

How about when you see an an appealing road, town or building along the way that seems intriguing, again, you it’s not on your time or schedule. It’s on theirs. For some people this is all OK. They are content just going with the flow , however, with most, this isn’t the most ideal way to explore a city or region. 

Why not choose to travel with a private driver-guide? With this mode of transport, you have all the freedom of car rentals, without any of the risks. You know you’ll arrive safely and you have someone knowledgable with both your origin and destination. Best part, you don’t have to conform to the restrictions written into a group tour. It’s really the best of all the options. The only disadvantage, is the price will be more than what you would pay for the other options. However, have you navigated the freeways and streets of Los Angeles? It can be a major task and for many overwhelming. Shouldn’t you relax during your vacation?

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