5 Hidden Gems In Los Angeles: Art Edition

Top 5 Hidden Gems In Los Angeles: Art Edition

Los Angeles is a treasure trove of the best hidden gems. It is a great city to visit, especially because it’s a balance between culture, nature, and modern life. If you are planning on visiting this wonderful place it can be hard to know where exactly to go. 

Most people think what comes to mind when they hear the name LA is glitter, glamour, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Disneyland, but it has a ton to offer both tourists and locals. From the events, beaches, and great food, there’s something for everyone in LA. 

If you want to see something truly unique or something that won’t be found anywhere else in the world, we’ve got an idea—go see some art! In visual art, Los Angeles is a well-known hub for artists and galleries. But you don’t have to go to the same old spots to find sculptures and paintings that are worth taking a second look at. Here is a list of five of the best-hidden gems in LA to visit. So check them out!

1. Mosaic Tile House

Mosaic Tile House
Photo by @ mosaictilehouse_venice

Mosaic Tile House is one of Los Angeles’ most unusual hidden treasures. This is a home that has been completely transformed into a work of art, with a focus on mosaics. This is a quirky 1940s home that has been covered with splintered glass mosaics and colored tile offering visitors the beauty of contemporary architecture.

Pann and Duran designed this house in the 1940s to express their romantic relationship with the philosophy of art and earth. All materials are donated recycled materials. It all began when they wanted to install bathroom tiles in their home but they enjoyed it so much that they decided to cover every inch of their home with tiles, creating the gorgeous visual feast called ‘Mosaic Tile House’.

The Mosaic Tile House is a beautiful and colorful stop on everyone’s Venice Beach itinerary—don’t miss out on another one of the unique places to visit in California.

2. Museum of Neon Art

Museum of Neon Art
Photo by @zacharygilman

The Museum of Neon Art is named after neon, which is used as a medium for creating art. Because of its small size, this unique museum is one of the best-kept secrets in Los Angeles, but it is well worth a visit. 

Some examples include the iconic Brown Derby rooftop sign, roadside-Americana neon signs, etc. Aside from many other neon exhibitions, this museum also offers night-time bus tours to Glendale, where you can visit the historic neon sights.

3. Iam8bit

Photo by @iam8bit

If you enjoy visiting unusual art galleries while traveling, you’ll enjoy iam8bit. Inside this ‘gallery,’ you won’t find what you’d expect to find in a typical art gallery. Instead, you can see some of the world’s most famous video game exhibits, as well as other significant geek icons and exhibits.

Because they are both a store and a gallery, you can view their gallery archive online to see if what they show is your cup of tea! The store has a great selection of collectibles, vinyl, and, of course, video games. In addition, every 4-8 weeks, the venue hosts interesting and creative exhibitions.

4. The LACMA Lights

The LACMA Lights
Photo by @hanleyvalentin_content_creator

This work of art titled Urban Light is located on Wilshire Boulevard, just outside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). This large-scale installation consists of over 200 street lamps from various eras, mostly from the 1920s and 1930s, arranged in a grid-like pattern.

The lamp’s columns give the impression of walking through an ancient Greek or Roman temple, and the way the light and shadows interact in different ways makes this an ever-changing work of art that’s ideal for photographs. It’s a real hidden gem in Los Angeles that will only grow in popularity over time.

5. The Last Bookstore

The Last Bookstore
Photo by @thebookishboymom

The Last Bookstore is without a doubt one of the coolest bookstores! Every little corner of The Last Bookstore is worth exploring, and as soon as you enter, you’ll be hit by that amazing, nostalgic old book smell. With its whimsical, almost Hollywood-like magic, Los Angeles appears to be the ideal location for it to exist.

They not only have a bookstore, but also art studios on the second floor and sell records. Books, vinyl, and art aren’t the only things that make this place unique; they also have a ‘book labyrinth’ where some hidden gems await discovery. If you’re looking for motivation and inspiration, this is the place to be.


Los Angeles is home to some truly incredible pieces, and you don’t need to be a millionaire to see them. Maybe you’re visiting for the first time and are looking for something new; perhaps you’ve been around for a while but have never noticed these hidden gems that many people seem just to walk past every day. We hope you enjoy them on your next visit!

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